Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why the Dems did the BIG %$^ Deal

Some of you are still wondering why the Dems proceeded with Healthcare Reform.  Political suicide you might say.  Well... not exactly.  A Monday CNN poll shows that the Dems actually might have voters on their side.  What? .... What?

Have a look at the numbers from this CNN Opinion Poll Release Monday, March 22nd.  Go to the link for the actual questions.

When asked if respondents favored or opposed healthcare reform...

Favor                            39%
Oppose                         59%
No Opinion                     2%

So most oppose healthcare reform... but...

When those opposed where asked why...

Favor                                       39%
Oppose, not liberal enough        13%
Oppose, too liberal                    43%
No opinion                                 5%


Favor + oppose not liberal enough        52%
Oppose, too liberal                             43%

How many folks who oppose healthcare reform as it is not liberal enough would vote Republican?

That's what I thought.  Dems have the voters on their side.

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